First Look: North Creek High School

As the flood of headlights on 35th Avenue last Monday night turned into a full parking lot, North Creek residents got their first look at the brand new high school opening in 2017. And neighbors got their first look at some potentially problematic traffic concerns.

Well over a thousand students, parents, teachers, and community members filled the high-ceiling halls of the new campus to get a look at what has been the buzz of North Creek for over a year. The excitement was palpable as future North Creek students raced around the building, admiring classrooms and facilities while trying to picture what the first day of school will look like in 2017. Here’s what I noticed in a walk around the new campus:

-The cafeteria/gathering space is called “the Commons” and it is a massive seating area, complete with huge wooden pillars made from trees that were on the site before construction began.

-The athletic facilities are nicer than many small colleges including a beautiful gymnasium with adjacent auxiliary gym, a spacious weight room, an aerobics studio, large locker rooms, and on-site outdoor facilities for tennis, soccer, track, softball, and baseball.

-The library will be a 2 level space located near the main office, complete with a help desk labeled help@nchs. As one of the girls standing behind the desk said to me with excitement, “Just imagine what this place will look like with all the books and furniture!”

-If people are worried than an emphasis on science, technology, engineering and math will diminish art education, that certainly won’t be the case here. The school compliments state-of-the-art science classrooms with equally state-of-the-art performing arts and band facilities.

-Maybe this will change once the newness factor wears off, but the whole complex had a very clean, modern aesthetic. Large letters on the walls directed students and visitors. Carpeted floors and lots of wooden elements make the massive school feel quaint and comfortable.

-The handouts given at the door boasted about how environmentally friendly the school is. From preservation of natural wetlands to energy efficient classrooms, North Creek goes above and beyond to show the importance of environmentalism in education.

-Principal Eric McDowell was an outstanding selection for principal. In the chances I have had to talk with him, I have come away impressed with his dedication and energy.

-This will be a diverse student body. Reflective of the surrounding neighborhoods, it was exciting to be walking amongst people from different backgrounds and cultures. As the North Creek community forms its identity, diversity will clearly be one of the greatest assets.