Rules for Life

Last week, I gathered with a few other coaches from the North Creek Junior Football Association in a classroom at the High School for an introduction to the North Creek Football program. In communities all over the country, neighbors are brought together for the first time at the high school football game. And since our new high school has yet to open, there is a lot of anticipation about what the school and the football program will mean for our newly forming community.

And if Coach Torrey Meyers has anything to say about it, representing the school and the community will be a top priority. Throughout his talk to the Junior Program coaches, he consistently made reference to ways in which football is a vehicle to becoming a better person. “When you hear ‘Protect the program’ that means that if you see someone being bullied, you stop them or tell an adult,” he said. The standards sounded similar for showing up on time, doing well in school, treating teachers and administrators with respect, and including all of one’s teammates.

For Coach Meyers, it is an exciting privilege to start a program from the beginning. Everything this team does, from warm ups to meetings to how they conduct themselves will set the tone for North Creek teams in the future. It seems unfamiliar to wonder how a community can learn from its youth, but if the first interactions with North Creek football is any indication, let's hope that the rules being instilled in them will flow into the rest of our community.