North Creek's Launch Party!

A few months ago, 13point6 began to plan an event that would bring the newly-forming North Creek community together. The purpose of our ‘North Creek Fair’ was so neighbors could meet one another, get to know some of the local businesses and organizations, and enjoy themselves. But a couple months into the planning process, we received a call from the North Creek High School Booster club. It turns out that they were planning a similar community event on the same day and at the same time! Beyond the fact that two events in the same day only blocks from one another would have been ridiculous, the most interesting part of that phone call was that there was an opportunity to work together as a community for a common goal. So we halted plans for our fair and asked how we could help.



Yesterday, hundreds of people from the North Creek area gathered in an event that, for many, represented not only the excitement around the new high school, but a birthing moment for a community ready to form.

Pop up tents and bounce castles rose above the parking lot at North Creek High School while kids and families circled the many booths and vendors. Representing NCHS were future students from some of the various sports teams including football, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and cross-country. Also represented was the music program and the school’s DECA organization. And after a few quick conversations with some of the students running the booths, it became obvious that excitement and anticipation for the new school year is high!

Beyond the activities of the high school, various local businesses and community organizations were present. For some, the highlight of the day may have been the giant ladder that towered up from the Snohomish Co Fire Truck. Others sat down and enjoyed kettle corn, cotton candy, snow cones, or a bite from a local food truck. And for the entire four hours, footballs were flying through the air, ping pong balls were blowing in the wind, plastic rings were clanking off glass jars, and people handed over money that supported the Booster Club.



There’s been an unstated assumption among North Creek residents that with the start of the new high school, North Creek will come into its own as a community. And if this carnival was any indication, the opening of North Creek High School might just be the jolt that jumpstarts the formation of a new community in this part of Snohomish County. People are already asking questions about more events like this and talking together about ways to move from a collection of housing developments to a community.

When I spoke with Cathie Carmichael from the Booster Club, one of the organizers of the event, about how the Booster Club can contribute to the community forming, she didn’t even hesitate before saying, “You’re looking at it!”